Maui Virtual Concert Series Hosted By Trish da Dish of The Weekly Dish

Mana’o Radio is excited to join forces with Maui radio personality and community journalist, Trish da Dish, as we continue our mission of supporting live music on Maui and the musicians who make it thrive.

Join us each week for our new Facebook LIVE show called MANA’O@HOME when Trish presents an hour-long talk story, interview, and live music experience featuring a respected Maui artist/band.

Mana’o Radio is thrilled to offer this fun and safe way to share the good vibes during these quiet days in our live music venues.

MANA’O@HOME Episode Library

Jason Arcilla & The Rhythm Sons

MANA’O@HOME Episode 17: Jason Arcilla & The Rhythm Sons

Garrett Probst cropped

MANA’O@HOME Episode 16: Garrett Probst

Danyel Alana

MANA’O@HOME Episode 15: Danyel Alana & friends

Angela & Phil Benoit

MANA’O@HOME Episode 14: Phil & Angela Benoit

Gretchen Rhodes

MANA’O@HOME Episode 13: Gretchen Rhodes

Shea Derrick 5 cropped

MANA’O@HOME Episode 12: Shea Butter and the Cream

Tom Conway

MANA’O@HOME Episode 11: Tom Conway

Nara Boone 1 cropped

MANA’O@HOME Episode 10: Nara Boone

Josh Kahula

MANA’O@HOME Episode 9: Joshua Kahula

Chad Kaya 2

MANA’O@HOME Episode 8: Chad Kaya