I’m a Mana‘o Radio DJ because exploring and sharing music is a deep and genuine passion for me. I believe music to be medicine and have seen its power in my own life, time and time again. Sharing music with each other is even more powerful – it connects us in our pain, hope, anger, joy, dreams and love. I feel so lucky to be able to share what moves me over the airwaves.”

Even as a child, Sarahtonin has always been deeply moved by music. “That feeling of chills all over your body, rushing down your spine as sound washes over you has become somewhat of an addiction,” she says. Sarahtonin began exploring different genres of music in high school and dreamt of starting an independent radio station. After a brief stint in the music business and being a practiced “show goer,” she was desperate to establish a music connection when moving to Maui in 2016. “That’s when I met Mana’o Radio DJ Krysti Kicks. We started talking about music, she invited me on her show and the rest is history!”

Mana’o radio DJ since: August 2017  

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Sarah Becker