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“I’m a Mana’o Radio DJ because music is my happy place and my sad place and my mad place and my dance place and all the places in between. I think that’s true for a lot of people, and because of that I love sharing my love for music with the world. It’s like a place that we can all share no matter who we are, where we are or what we’re feeling.”

Krysti Kicks started at the station with a little show called Electrobusto. After a hiatus, she came back with Pick-a-Mix and has been spinning songs with an electronic influence ever since. She has been involved in the live music scene on Maui for some time, arranging music at various venues around the island, booking musicians and also trying her hand at event DJing. “My background in music started in my parent’s basement when I was a young girl. It had concrete floors, so I would play my dad’s vinyl and roller skate around for hours and hours. My dad loved all music, so I listened to everything from The Cure to Bruce Springsteen to Tina Turner to Rush to Metallica. After that, I was sitting anxiously by the boom box, praying my song would come on so I could record it onto cassette tape and listen to it forever. Then mixed tapes for friends, going to clubs and those angsty years when I was trying to learn who I was. Finally, I found electronic music then trance, dance, techno, house. Now I still listen to all music and I LOVE live music (who doesn’t) but anything with even a hint of electronic in it and my ears perk up.”

Mana’o Radio DJ since 2017

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