A Monday Morning FiRE Alarm Show

Hosted by
Mcleod 9

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Schedule: Monday

Time: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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A Monday Morning Fire Alarm show was created by Mcleod9 after setting the Mana’o radio station and airwaves on fire with imaginary flames. The Fire Men were called. The Police dept showed up and gave their support as well. And from the embers of the disaster, The MONDAY Morning FIRE alarm show back drafted onto the airwaves again. Having volunteered for the Midnight Ryder show on Saturday at midnight for a year The Mcleod9 crew eased into the Monday morning time slot like a train wrecking into the ocean. Playing music you didn’t know you wanted to hear, McLeod9 blends hip hop and punk with techno country pop. Electro swing, showtunes or Disney songs while adding movie clips and quotes along with the trade mark coqui frogs, you might be entertained or annoyed. Depending on your opinion about coqui frogs and run on sentences.

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