MANA’O@HOME Season 2 Episode 3: CUPPA

MANA’O@HOME Season 2 Episode 3: CUPPA

Mana’o Radio is excited to join forces with former Maui radio personality and community journalist, Trish da Dish, as we continue our mission of supporting live music on Maui and the musicians who make it thrive.

Join us each week for our new Facebook LIVE show called Mana’o@Home!

Each week, Trish presents an hour-long talk story, interview, and live music experience featuring a respected Maui artist/band on the Mana’o Radio Facebook page LIVE stream.

There will be a virtual tip jar for artists to allow Mana’o Radio friends and fans the opportunity to support their favorite artists while enjoying live music performed by some of Maui’s finest musicians in the comfort of their own home. Front row for all!

Mana’o Radio is thrilled to offer this fun and safe way to share the good vibes during these quiet days in our live music venues.

This week, we are pleased to welcome Maui duo, CUPPA. Our awesome tech crew, SEDA and Cody, step  out from behind the camera and soundboard to showcase their musical collaboration and raw talents.

Both SEDA and Cody Quintana are incredible acts on their own, and teaming up creates some groovy magic we’re stoked to share with you. Stage manager Gus the Dog will also be featured.

You can learn more about SEDA by connecting with her on Facebook or on Instagram @struckbyseda!