The Hula Honeys

We are Mana‘o Radio DJs because we appreciate the healing power of music, friendship, connection, community outreach, originality, personality and supporting musicians. People seem to enjoy our long-standing friendship that we just can’t seem to keep to ourselves.

Long time friends, Robyn Kneubuhl and Ginger Johnson, make up the Na Hoku Award winning duo known as The Hula Honeys. In the early days of Mana‘o Radio, it was founder Barry Shannon’s idea to invite Robyn and Ginger to come in as a DJ team. And so it was that The Hula Honeys stumbled into the studio one day without training or guidance and began to push buttons and play music. “We’ve laughed so hard on the air that it’s remarkable we haven’t been sent home,” Ginger says. “We continue to grow with the station, enjoying our time with each other and our radio Ohana.” When not on the radio, Robyn and Ginger play ukulele and lounge about on sofas musing about life, love and melody.

Mana‘o DJs Since 2005

Hula Honeys