Sweet Mama Dee

“I’m a Mana‘o Radio DJ because radio is in my Blues blood!”

Sweet Mama Dee has been performing and singing music since she was 5 years old. ”Blues is my favorite genre, ‘cause I’ve LIVED it!” she says. She has a degree in Radio & Television and has been busy playing and singing The Blues since the late 1960’s. She loves ALL genres of music and has played and sung them all at one time or another, even opera!

She first fell in love with Mana’o Radio when she arrived here to make Maui her new home and heard it in 2006. “Seemed like a good fit for me. I was right! Love Mana’o and the camaraderie of the DJ’s.”

Mana‘o Radio DJ Since: 2014

Learn more at: https://sweetmamadee.com/

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Sweet Mama Dee