Dr. B

“Mana‘o Radio is a magical radio station. We have this freedom to play what we truly love – and that’s a unique way to bring music to the people of Maui and beyond. I do this for my own play, with the intention that it will be nourishing and good for the audience. If there was no Mana‘o Radio, it would be like all the birds went extinct.

I come from a family of scientists and I was sent to an Ivy League college. But I always knew music was in my blood; I was more an artist than a scientist. My favorite quote is by Duke Ellington, “If it sounds good and feels good, then it is good.” I love learning about all kinds of music and every time I discover a new CD, I pay close attention to what sounds best and feels best. My training as a psychiatrist helps me be a better DJ because in psychiatry the key thing is listening; I’ve had to listen deeply to the person in front of me. When I review new music, I also listen deeply, tuning in to hear if a song has nutrients in it. I care enough to really listen INTO the music (not just the surface) to make decisions on what to put on my show. Being a DJ on Mana‘o Radio is an awesome responsibility – and I never want to waste air time or pollute the air waves with music I don’t truly love. I’m a musical doctor; I choose music that has Mana in it. If it makes you feel good, it IS good. Good music is good medicine.”

Mana’o Radio DJ since 2004


Dr B