Chris Ca’ryn

I moved to Maui from Boston for massage school in 2004, after living there 9 years for college at Northeastern U, and am originally from Austin Texas. While I was at NU my major was Radio/TV, so eventually I had my own radio show which would include live drumming. I was part of a very creative Electronic Music Collective in Boston and Cambridge and the experience taught me so much about the significance of music and unity. I learned how to organize events and started coordinating some of my own in the vein of Art Showcases in which included not only art on the wall but also live music, theater, drum circles, and poetry readings. When I moved to Maui everything changed, and I really had no time to focus on creative endeavors. In 2015 I downloaded Traktor on my computer because I wanted to start learning the new systems. By 2017 I got a mixer and started playing out for small events on Maui which is when I saw Alan’s ad in Craigslist for Radio volunteers. Now at 2022-23 I’m hosting Poetry Slams and fired up again to mix music outside of my studio, incorporating beats that I make, live drumming, and piano