Maui Cancer AdvoCare

They focus proactively to individuals facing cancer and offer personalized, compassionate support alongside traditional cancer care and their desired cancer care.

Their professional, oncology clinical background and knowledge supports the whole picture –  Patient, Their Families and Their Healthcare Team, from time of diagnosis, treatment to survivorship, in order to bridge the gaps in services. Their mission is to provide objective, exceptional patient advocacy services to their patients, their families, health care team and clients. They utilize expertise in advocating, navigating, supporting, educating, collaborating alongside with the patient and their families including the healthcare system, interpreting medical information, providing clarity, understanding of their diagnosis from beginning to survivorship, enhancement of communication, patient education, and ability to provide continuous support, resources, information necessary and empathy to foster patient empowerment and informed decision-making and care.

Located at: 810 N. Haiku Road #404C (Haiku Marketplace) Haiku, Maui Hawaii 96708