Radio Tokyo

Hosted by
DJ 808 Stevan

Show Details

Schedule: Saturday

Time: 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM


Radio Tokyo is an experimental show that takes the DNA from a great guitar recording and sifts it through the mental database of DJ 808, Stevan Holt, who is a lifelong professional rock guitarist.  The goal of the show is to create a live, never pre-programmed play list that has relativity between cuts…whether it be the key the song is composed in, the artists involved or the similarity in riff structure, the show celebrates all things guitar from the perspective of a player/performer. “What is the difference between an audiophile and a guitarist spinning cuts,” you ask?  Well, as a guitarist of some 50 years, Stevan can hear something once and play it, or at least understand what the theory was behind the composition.  He can often hear the influences from other recordings or artists that were in play to conceive the song, write it and record it.  Stevan has a complete understanding of recording techniques and can comment upon the song from a completely different perspective than most are accustomed to doing.  Simply put if you love guitar centric recordings, then this is your show…