I grew up in a musical household with greatly varied styles of music played daily. I find music to be so powerful and immediate in its effect on us as sentient, emotional beings. I can experience such profound mood-enhancement simply from hearing a piece of music. Unlike reading a book or watching a movie or TV show, the effect of music for me is immediate and almost universally available, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I call it the soundtrack to my life, and like to curate the songs that create the overall soundtrack for me. The greatest songs, in my opinion, are the pieces of music that have a FEEL, that can affect my mood or gather my focus, regardless of lyrics. Whether it’s Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, or Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic, the music elevates your mood upon your first few seconds of listening. I often say, when describing a song I’m particularly fond of, “I believe this(or ‘them’)” as in, I am feeling what the musician(s) were feeling(or intending); that the mood that the song was meant to elicit has come through into me.