My parents instilled in me a passion for live music and community. As I grew into an adult I found a way to turn this passion into purpose. I studied Nonprofit Communication in Graduate school, I identified a core need we share, to feel a part of something. I then worked in festival and live music production for over ten years around the globe. I have always felt that the power of music has the capacity to bring us back to the heart of what is most important. When we are willing to experience this flow together we are able to create sustainable positive change. In addition to music production I have a wide range of healing gifts that I offer one on one or in group settings. As an intuitive teacher, coach and Doula I work with people who are navigating life’s biggest transitions, offering compassionate space and guidance as they find the courage and strength to align and integrate with their true self. I see creativity as a form of self care, and look to nature for the rhythms and anchors to help guide me toward living a life in harmony with the greater good. Curiosity and humor are keys to always remaining teachable amidst the waves. After all, our dues are never paid!
I want to be a Mana‘o Radio DJ because Music is medicine, and it is meant to be shared!
Instagram: @jaimeemoreland